Following the trend outlined here, I've decided to throw together a "now page". The goal is to explain what I'm doing at this point in my life, in a big-picture-updating-an-old-friend sort of way:

  • Living in San Diego, California
  • Studying JavaScript and trying to become more familiar with Linux
  • Fiddling around with DoneJS (an open source MVVM framework that supports server side rendering, progressive loading, testing, documentation, ES6 modules, modlets, custom HTML elements, hot module swapping, generators, and iOS/Android/desktop builds)
  • Conducting research for a book idea related to logic and contemporary Liberalism (so-called). This will probably never happen, but what the hell.
  • Considering whether a new music project would be a good idea
  • Reading Hayek's The Road to Serfdom and von Mises' Liberalism in the Classical Tradition